Sunday, July 20, 2008

Easy Banana Crepes

I was in the produce section buying strawberries, blueberries, bananas etc...and ran across a package of crepes. Yuuummm I love crepes, then I flipped over the package and saw 1 crepe only has 50 calories and 1 gram of fat. Okay I want crepes now. So picked up some cream cheese and decided I would figure something out.

1 crepe
1 tbsp of fat free cream cheese
1/2 banana sliced very thin
sprinkle of cinnamon
little bit of powdered sugar

Place your crepe on wax paper or foil so it won't stick. Use a butter knife to spread cream cheese thinly over your crepe then put the thin sliced bananas on top ( I would recommend putting them on in straight lines, it helps make the rolling up easier. Sprinkle cinnamon to taste. Roll them up, place on foil and put in the oven until golden brown. I had mine at 300, but who knows? Take them out and sprinkle powdered sugar on top and enjoy!

Best part....Crepe 50 cal 1g fat, Fat free cream cheese 1tbsp 15 cal 0g fat, 1/2 banana 50 cal 0g fat. Oh yeah for a grand total of 100 calories and 1 g fat!!!!

I have been using this great site for a while where you can find the nutritional value of just about anything, right down to the vitamins.



Scott said...

Sweet. Now that sounds delicious! I will definitely have to give that recipe a try and soon! I am letting my many 'sweets' cravings get the better of me these days! haha!

Jim and Katie Battreal said...

YUMMY!!! I'll be trying that one very soon!

Lili said...

Scarlette- sorry I missed seeing you this past weekend. I tried emailing you to get your number but I must not have the right email anymore :( I am just going to have to plan another trip!