Sunday, August 17, 2008


It is a five hour drive to visit my parents which I made this weekend. After going past Sherman, TX about 45 minutes from house there just isn't much. Between Sherman and my parents it is pretty much 4 more hours of gas stations (that you might see on a horror movie set) and a few fast food places but mostly nothing.

And there is a great need for coffee on these trips. Not the stomach ripping gas station coffee but a nice civilized non fat white chocolate mocha or on a hot day a non fat iced caramel macchiatto.

To my great delight sometime last year a Starbucks opened in McAlister, OK and exit 5 off I-40 (possibly Van Buren but I am not sure it is actually in the city limits.

To my great despair today I found out the Van Buren store had closed and the McAlister store is set to close the end of September.

I found great comfort in the Starbucks green (which is now sometimes brown). Not only for the coffee but for a reasonably clean restroom. I am mourning the loss of my comfortable starbucks but I must figure out what to do before the next trip because I have actually been frightened in certain locations that I tried to stop for coffee or a restroom.


Kylie Williams said...

move to seattle! i think i can see three outside of my living room window.

Lili said...

Hehe... there is a joke in my family about how I plan our car trips based on mapping out roadside Starbucks so I can totally relate to your post. I agree that there is comfort in seeing that green sign on the exit and knowing you have a much better chance of a clean restroom and yummy beverage. That sucks that they are closing locations on your route home :(