Monday, July 7, 2008

Never ending project

Most of it is finished, there is some trim to finish and we still need to get a shower door as well as towels and decor. I know I am putting it off...the doors have to be custom glass and I just got a shower curtain which is the "oh it's temporary....that turns into 6 months. It was not an enjoyable experience and I totally dread doing the other bathroom and kitchen. I do wish I had a before picture and I think Shawn's mom does. Imagine beige porcelain tile, white ugly tile in the shower oh and a tiny tiny door, we knocked out the entire wall in front of the shower. Imagine white cabinets almost the length of the wall with a countertop from the late seventies early eighties (gold swirly stuff in it) and ugly ugly brass fixtures on everything.

With this being my first remodeling experience I didn't realize 1. that everything is twice as expensive as you think it might be and 2. you have to pick out so much stuff!~wall color, sink fixtures, shower fixtures, lights, tile, toilet aggghhhhhhhhh

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Scott said...

Looks great guys! I have never had the pleasure of remodeling any room in a house to that degree before, but I can imagine it would be very aggravating. But, the end result, looks like it was totally worth it!