Monday, June 16, 2008

So busy!

It's been a terrific but busy past few weeks. The girls all came down, including Kylie. I did not realize until Kylie pointed it out that it had been almost exactly 1 year since we had seen each other. We vowed to never let that happen again! I have been friends with Kylie since we were 18 years old and up until I moved to Texas we had probably never spent more than few days apart. Now with her in Seattle and Jaime and Steph in Little Rock we are going to have to do alot of planning to make sure we all see each other every few months. I know I need it, after a weekend with these women I feel rejuvenated!

We spent alot of time just hanging out on the patio. Even in the terribly hot evenings we spent hours and hours talking and catching up. Ms. Livia brought little extra excitement to the weekend.

We took Liv to American Girl for brunch and some birthday shopping. I got Liv an itty bitty baby from American Girl for Christmas, and I hope to make trips to American Girl with Auntie Scarlette a tradition for her. I am going to have to search out something special in Dallas for little boys so Aidan Patrick will always have something fun to look forward to with Auntie Scarlette.

This past weekend was my Granny's 84th birthday, so Shawn and I traveled home to celebrate with her and family. My Granny is a very special lady who I have so many great memories with growing up. We lived very close to her and my Papa and I just adore the lady who could can anything Papa could bring in from the garden and makes quilts so unique and beautiful by hand but with the perfection of a sewing machine.

Not to mention the lady's got style :)

And we brought Trevor home with us for a week. He is going to day camp, which should be a blast for him and is going to have his first plane ride next weekend when he and I will head to Little Rock to meet up with mom and spend some time with the girls once again!

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Scott said...

Thanks so much again for everything Scarlette! I had the best time in Dallas hangin' with my fav girls. You are Shawn always take such good care of us! Your grandma is the cutest thing ever and Trevor is growing up to be such a little handsome man! Question - how long are you going to be in town this weekend again? Zap me when you get online today! :-)