Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Remodel

The demolition and remodel of the house has started and there is no turning back now.


Shower in progress, travertine tile and some drywall

Casey getting away from the stress of it all.

I'll post more when I have time to breathe in between picking out tile, vanities, shower heads, faucets, toilets and paint colors.


Scott said...

Remodeling is so much fun! haha. Well, the end result is, anyway! Can't wait to see you oh so very sooooooon! Just 3 more weeks! Woo-Hoo!!!!

Jim and Katie Battreal said...

YAY! It's going to look so good when it's all finished! Hang in there - it will be finished before you know it and you'll be on to the next project!