Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Quilted Northern - the tiny roll

I have long been a buyer of Quilted Northern toilet paper, you know you have your favorites....

Last week I opened a package and did a double take. It looked smaller. Alot smaller. I put it away and didn't think about it for a couple of days. Then when I got it out to put on the holder I could really tell it was smaller. A 1/2 inch shorter and and smaller in girth. But.....the price was the same.....what's happening here??

When I first researched this I found a press release from Georgia Pacific that I can no longer find, however someone posted a "ripoff report" , which made me laugh a little, but the reply from Georgia Pacific was the same as the press release I had found earlier.

We understand you may have some concerns about the roll width and/or sheet count of Quilted Northern Soft & Strong(r). As noted at the bottom of the package, Quilted Northern Soft & Strong(r) is about 1/2 inch narrower than before, and we have slightly reduced the sheetcount.

Because of today's economy, cost is a factor. We made the decision to slightly reduce the roll to bring you the bathroom tissue you trust and not raise our price to retailers. Quilted Northern Soft & Strong continues to provide the cleanliness and comfort you have come to expect, making it a great value in today's economy. As always, Quilted Northern Soft & Strong(r) is thick, absorbent, and gentle on your skin. The bathroom tissue features strength and durability for cleanliness, with softness and thickness for comfort. With Quilted Northern Soft & Strong(r), you do not have to compromise comfort for clean."

So no more purchasing the Quilted Northern, any suggestions?

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