Friday, September 11, 2009


I got Christmas cookies as marketing yesterday from the The Adolphus. Brilliant!

Beau Arts Style, 1912. Located at the corner of Commerce and Akard, it was completed at a cost of $1.87 million. It was the tallest building in the state and would con tinue to be so for many years. The city's leaders wanted a grand hotel and approached Adolphus Busch in St. Louis to see if he would build one. He agreed to do so if the city's leaders would join him as investors and if he could have any site he wanted. His wish was granted, and he chose the site of the four-story city hall, built in 1889, which was torn down to make room for the hotel. The Adolphus was designed by Barnett, Hayes and Barnett of St. Louis. The tower on the roof is said to be modeled after a Busch beer stein.

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