Sunday, May 3, 2009

The New Economics of Wine

This 2007 Black Swan Shiraz is in a 187 mL bottle, and comes in a 4 pack, with a screw top cap. I think this is genius packaging. And this one happens to be a great shiraz at $5 for the 4 pack or the regular bottle, with a dark berry and chocolate smooth taste.

I love the packaging in the 4 pack bottles because I can have a glass of wine whenever and not feel like I need to finish the entire bottle so it doesn't go to waste.

I have this problem with drinking re-corked wine. I never feel like it tastes the same!

I also love the screw cap top, it's just easier.

According to several independent surveys, wine consumers buy wine sealed with natural cork over any other closures. Another survey of the wine trade, suggested that most consumers think that non-closures cheapen the bottle of wine. Screw caps, on the other hand, are seen as industrial, cheap and lacking the romance of the old "closure" but they have been hailed as the future because there is no danger they will spoil or "taint" the wine, a problem that is said to affect up to one in 10 corked bottles.

On top of avoiding cork contamination, new technologies in fermenting don't require wines to be aged for years to achieve full flavor.

I am all for a good cheap wine that I can drink in glass by glass over 2 weeks if I choose and not waste a penny.

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