Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tut After Dark

Last night we went to the Tutankhamen exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art and of course it was fabulous.
One of the things that made it even more fabulous was that we were able to go to a members only event. So instead of having to see the exhibit with hundreds of other people there were only about twenty people in the entire exhibit with us at Tut After Dark. We were able to really take our time and get up close and personal with the tomb artifacts.

One of our best purchases this year has been becoming a member of the Dallas Museum of Art. The perks with a membership are great. At the Tut exhibit for instance not only do you get a semi-private viewing but there are also hor d'ourves and a cash bar so afterwards you can have a glass of wine and discuss the exhibit. They also have the option of seeing a movie at the museum with this event. Throughout the year when new exhibits come in you get the same private viewings and sometimes the artist is in attendance. Since I am not a crowd person at all, it makes my museum experience very valuable. Check out membership to your local museum!

On this particular night I thought about my girl Kylie alot, with the Chihuly's in the atrium and remembering her dream to become an egyptoligist :) Had to get you a present! I'll put in the mail asap and love ya.

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Kylie Williams said...

omg im so jealous!!! I love the members only showings! that's the best time t go see the exhibits fo sho. Was it wonderful? My contact at the musem there is about had it with me, I call her every week and grill her about the exhibition. She's like "ok i get that you like Egypt, but you dont have to call every week". I'm excited about my surprise!!!!