Saturday, November 1, 2008


If you have not already voted, don't forget Tuesday is your day. Take either your voter registration card or your driver's license (or both).

While I will not tell you who to vote for, I will ask one thing. Please do not chose your candidate based on what your friends or significant other say, or information in emails forwarded to you (it is usually false information). And certainly do not base your vote on what the television says! Take just a few minutes to read about each candidate and what it is they are trying to do with our nation.

Something I think all should consider.....even though I am still not telling you who to vote should consider history.

The longest reign of peace and prosperity, with a balanced budget and federal surplus came from former President Bill Clinton

When Clinton took office from Bush Sr. the economy was headed south and Bush Sr. had driven the national debt higher than any other president in history. (only to be topped later by his son)

So don't let anyone tell you that Bush Sr. set Clinton up for success or that Clinton set Bush Jr up for failure. After 8 years your successes and failures are your own.

And finally, you know what situation we are in today with the economy. So I voted Thursday for the candidate that I believe will bring back that peace and prosperity that we enjoyed under Clinton.

Either way VOTE

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Scott said...

Very well put sista. So, when are you moving back and running for office here in LR??? ;-)