Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So Annoying

that you can not go shopping anywhere without someone trying to get you to open their store credit card. "But you'll save 10%" Oh wow Target, I can finance my toilet paper or my toothpaste...no thanks.


Anonymous said...

So annoying and I believe partially the reason for the ridiculous debt issues in America!

Who do you blame? The stores for trying to sucker people "who don't know any better" so that they can profit from interest or the people "who don't know any better" for not knowing any better or does it go deeper? Are there underlying issues in our society that force people to open accounts they can't manage just to afford necessities? Why is it so hard for people to live within thier means? That's rhetorical as I'm working to pay off mounds of debt accrued in the name of parties, nights out, fashion, vacations, etc. I have however learned my lesson and am no longer accruing such debt because I'm smarter with my money.

Scott said...

LOL. AMEN sista!