Saturday, April 19, 2008

just funny

This picture has a funny story, I ran across it at work yesterday and it made me laugh. The story behind it is I work in downtown Dallas, but had a meeting in Arlington. When I left for the meeting I headed toward 30 and of course there was a wreck blocking my entrance so my only choice was to go the other direction and exit and turn around, but of course another wreck blocked me there.

So I end up on a different road and I call the office to get some directions there are two or three other roads I am going to have to connect to now to get to my meeting.

Well after some wrong directions and alot of driving I end up about miles past my meeting and many many more miles from Dallas :) If you go from right to left the orange stickers show where I started, where I was supposed to be and where I ended up. Thanks to my colleagues I have this nice map to commemorate the trip, labled "Scarlette travels DFW" :) It was waiting for me at my desk the next day.


Scott said...

LOL. That is too funny. hehe. Though I am sure it wasn't at the time. So, did you end up making your meeting afterall?

maaydaay said...

No way, after all that mess I went home.....70 miles home but I got there.