Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My interests vary

The name of the blog deserves a little explanation.
At Hendrix I had two great instructors for both my micro and macro economics. In Micro, my professor would often wear sunglasses while teaching...no one ever knew why and he would also occassionally lie flat on his back on the floor while teaching. He was usually using a pointer, pointing at a graph he had drawn on the board. Maybe flat on his back with sunglasses on gave him a better angle? Anyhow this was my intro to supply and demand.

Then I had another great professor for Macro. And for some reason that class was where economics became "my thing". Before that I was going to be a doctor and then an accountant. But after the section on the Consumption Function I was hooked. Why? Because how could you ever forget anything that had a name like that. That was the first economics test where I made a %100. For some reason every single tidbit of the equasions, graphs etc. of the Consumption Function stuck in my head....forever. C = c0 + c1Yd it bascially says that consumption is a function of income with the marginal propensity to consume being the slope of the consumption function. Of course it is!!!! Economic words are so fun!

The other thing.... I am pretty sure that Fidel Castro has been dead for about 1.5 years. Some of you might know about my fascination with him, and I am going to write a blog soon on why I have that fascination and why I think most people are mis-informed about the history of Castro. Anyhow I think he is dead and has been for a while and once the current government which is Castro's posse, is assured that everything is calm after Raul takes office, they will announce his death. I predict ~6 months. Anybody want to wager? I would put $20 on an August announcement of Castro's death. :)

Fidel Castro Resigns as Cuba’s President


Lili said...

Scarlette, Sometimes you remind me of a female version of Jeff. Must be why I like you so much :) Keep the educational and fun blog entries coming!!

Scott said...

I have always secretly wondered about your clevah blog title name, and now I know! What a cool tidbit of info on my girl Scarletta! Love it. And yes, I agree with Lili, keep the education coming! :-) As far as Fidel, my wager is....that whatever you say is right!